IRR Power Supply Unit

By Medel Electronics Company

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The converter designed and manufactured for Iraq Republic Railway Company has following features;MEDEL TREN KATALOG 2016.inddPOWEROutput Power: 100 kVA (nominal)INPUT VOLTAGE (NOMINAL)Main Input Supply Voltage: 3×1500 V AC @ 50 HzWorkshop Supply Voltage: 3×380 V AC + N + PE @ 50 HzOUTPUT VOLTAGE3×380 VAC@ 50Hz; HVAC13×380 VAC@ 50Hz; HVAC23×380 VAC@ 50Hz; Electric Cabinet24 – 28,8 V DC; 100A limited Battery Charge output130A limited DC load output

Founded in 1994, MEDEL Electronics Company has provided more than 100.000 products produced at its production facility in Istanbul to the entire worth with its sales and marketing network operating at Asia, Middle East, Balkans as well as domestic. MEDEL Electronics with its 120 employees consistig of 35 engineers, 70 technicians is making AC Motor Vector Speed Control, DC Motor Speed Control, Railway Applications.Shipyard Applications, Border Control, Tension Control, Camera Control, Register Control, Measurement/Control cards needed fort he Automation applications production and industrial automation applications with its 25 years of experience at a closed area of 6.500 m2 in Istanbul and 1.200 m2 at its Adapazari Branch.Projects are being carried out in our company for Railway Applications since 1999. In the Works made for TUVASAS (Turkish Wagon Industry Inc.) (Adapazari), TCDD (Turkish State Railways) (Ankara, Haydarpasa-Istanbul), TULOMSAS (Turkey Locomotive and Motor Industry Inc.) (Eskisehir); Battery Charging Unit, High Frequency Battery Charger, Power Supply Unit (PSU Static Converters), UIC PSU Multi-Voltage Converters, Power Array Vice Inverter System, Air Conditioning (Climate Control) Unit, E72-220 Inverter, D72-24 Converter, Vacuum Toilet, Automation of Clean and Waste Water Tanks, Automatic Door Revision, Passenger Announcement System, Passenger Informing Automation products have been designed by MEDEL Electronics and theri production in large numbers and engagement have been enabled.These products are being used in all railway cars used in our country. All R & D activities, installation and testing phases of the electronic systems we produce are being carried out in our modern facility in Ikitelli, Istanbul and 7/24 technical service is being provided for these products. Our constat, goal that is not changing since our establishment until today is providing unconditional customer satisfaction by producing World-class devices by following up the technology developing in Turkey and in the World closely. For this purpose, we are constantly developing our systems and equipment with our R & D Works. The results of our electronic design R & D Works that we have done at the last 10 years are as cutlined below.

Medel Electronics Company

Medel Electronics Company

Based in Turkey

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Industry Agriculture
Founded 1994
Headquarter İstanbul
Products 35