Colored, Compact Yarn, Slub, Yarn With Elastane, Cotton, Viscose, Tencel, Polyester Mixed Yarn

By Matesa Teksti̇l Sanayi̇ ve Ti̇caret A.Ş.


8 yarn factories, 3 with open-end, 5 with ring technology, produce colored yarn, yarn with slub, yarn with elastane, compact yarn and mixed yarns (cotton, viscose, tencel, polyester etc.) Daily production capacity is 120 ton.The capacity of yarn winder spinning and doubling factory is 4.5 ton/day. In the facility, yarns with elastane or rigid yarns can be doubled 2-3 times. Yarn dying capacity is 6.000 kg per day and fibre dying capacity is 7.500 kg per day.

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