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We explain Xpann's selling process in 3 simple steps. See how Xpann works, the benefits and FAQ's.
Expand your store with products made in Europe.

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We have everything you need to expand your store...
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Get targeted distribution to Xpann's built-in network of global companies.

1. Xpann has the Solution for you!

Xpann hosts millions of products from businesses of all shapes and sizes. So whether you are a "mega-seller" or a small family business, Xpann welcomes you!

2. List Unlimited Products on Xpann

Unlimited product upload with Xpann! You can also upload videos, audios, certificates or any kind of picture to your Xpann microsite.

3. Start Selling To The Whole World from Europe

Showcase your products to buyers around the world. Grow profitable, long term relationships with buyers who are waiting to trade with you.


Powerful Administration to Manage Your Xpann Account

Manage your Xpann Account with powerful administration. We have everything your need. Unlimited product upload, messagecenter, analytics and much more.

  • Upload Unlimited Products
  • Manage Your Account Quickly and Easily
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Branded Profile Page for Your Products, Description and Location.

Show buyers the real deal with pictures, videos, certificates and more. To that end, we have developed customisable mini websites that can be completely branded & personalized for your profile.

  • Upload Unlimited Products
  • Reach Buyers Across the World

Add Unlimted Products With Variants and Attributes

Add products with a detailed product description and high quality images. You also have the option to add attributes like colors, sizes and more. Select the right keywords for your products.

  • Add Keywords for Optimized Search
  • Create Unlimited Products
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Get to The Top Results on
Google with your business listing

Become a verified company and get to the top results with your business profile on Xpann. We show your verification mark on Google to make your business the first choice.

  • Become a verified company on Xpann
  • High Google Positions with Xpann Business Profile
  • Fast! Google Page Speed is one of the signals used by its Algorithm to rank pages

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a free Xpann sellers account?

No. We do not have a free sellers account.

Why is there no free seller account?

At Xpann, unlike our competitors, we have committed ourselves to high quality suppliers only. To achieve this, we charge a signup fee to filter out unscrupulous businesses trying to make a quick buck with poor products. We want to keep the marketplace as clean and fair for you as possible.

Is there a low cost account I can try?

Yes, you can sign up to the starter package for the one-time fee of 349 euros.

We recommend that every seller is verified by us before joining the Xpann Marketplace. This is to ensure that sellers are genuine suppliers of high-quality products. Look for the verification symbol to trade in confidence.

How do I upgrade my account?

Upgrading your account couldn’t be simpler. Just go into your account options, click on the "My subscriptions" tab, click on the "Upgrade My Subscription" button, then follow the instructions on screen to level up your Xpann experience.

Can I get help to create my account?

When creating an account, our ‘Signup Wizard’ will help you through the signup process. From filling in your name, to listing your first item, nothing is left to chance.

Additionally, for the low price of 99 euros, we’ll upload your entire product portfolio to Xpann.

When will I be charged for my subscription?

You will be charged via your chosen payment method every month or every year on the same date that you started your subscription.

What is the main benefit of Xpann for a seller?

You’ll have the opportunity to reach out to millions of buyers across Europe and beyond.

But we do more than just house one of Europe's largest collections buyers.

We are constantly on the hunt for more buyers to fill the Xpann marketplace. We market Xpann both digitally and traditionally to increase our reach and bring in a constant supply of fresh buyers.

Can I try before I buy?

As a seller/supplier, you must sign up to one of the paid packages. There is no free option. We recommend that every seller is verified by us before joining the Xpann Marketplace. This is to build trust between buyers and sellers and to limit fraud. Potential buyers will trust you even before they do business with you when they see your business has been verified by us. Just look for the verification symbol to trade in confidence.

Can I get a custom subscription solution for my business?

There is no need. Just sign up to the International Package and you’ll get the absolute best experience Xpann has to offer.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Want to cancel your plan? Just go into the options in the "My Account" section of the website, then click on the "My Subscriptions" tab, then tap the "Cancel my Subscription" button. Just remember that one final payment will be taken for the current month.

I have more questions. How can I contact Xpann?

If you wish to get in contact with us, please write to

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Branded Profile Sites
Branded Profile Sites
Verified Sellers
Verified Sellers
Geo-Location Visibility
Geo-Location Visibility
Message Center
Message Center
Add Unlimited Products
Add Unlimited Products
Add Multiple Companies
Add Multiple Companies
Priority Support
Priority Support

A Powerful B2B Marketplace & Global Trading Platform
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StarterFor suppliers
349 /onetime

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  • Verified seller account
  • Branding Profile & logo
  • Industries, long tail keyword phrases
  • Products Images & info
  • Add unlimited products
  • Add company certificates
  • Add company catalogue
  • Own company domain
  • Message center
  • Multiple companies
  • Analytics
  • Google visibility
  • Fast Page Speed
  • Priority support
  • 50 euro in Google ads
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NationalNon binding
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  • Everything in Starter, and:
  • Online visibility in your Country
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