Afyon Yumurta Ith. Ihr. Ve Ti̇c. A.ş.

Based in Turkey

Organize Sanayi Bölgesi 1.Cadde 10.Sokak No:9

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Industry Agriculture
Headquarter Afyon
Founded 2006
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Company description

Afyon egg import and export trading corporate is the greatest producer and exporter company of türkiye with the capacity of 6 million eggs per day. It is a network company settled with the participation of 25 egg producers, on december 5, 2006.In 2007, as turkiye's total export was 68 million dollars, 18% of this was performed by afyon egg import and export trading co. And it had been the leading exporter among egg sector with a total of 12.15 million dollars.In the year 2008, 120 million dollars of export was performed in turkiye countrywide and keeping the property of being the leading exporter, our company's contribution was 19 million dollars. In other words, our company exported 140 million eggs in 2007 and achieved an increase in 2008 by exporting 210 million eggs.Turkiye's total volume of export had been 100 million dollars in 2009. Keeping the property of being the leading exporter again, our company achieved a total of 21 million dollars of export volume among the egg sector and exported 260 million eggs.In 2010, turkiye's total amount of export was 156.50 million dollars and our company carried out 27,1 million dollars of export, totally as the leading exporter of egg sector. To sum up, our company sold 400 million eggs through export in 2010.In 2011, our company exported 47 million dollars and 584 million eggs was exported.In 2012, our company exported 37 million dollars and 438 million eggs was exported.According to data from the end of december, our company exported 46 million 557 thousand dolars and 569 million eggs was exported in the year of 2013.Our company in the year 2014 by the end of january 58 million eggs was exported to iraq, syria and israel.Afyon egg import and export trading co. İs the first company that export eggs to angola -a country in africa-, from türkiye for the first time.Afyon egg import and export trading co. Is the third most succesful exporter among aegean exporters union, fishery and animal origin products department. Additionally, it is the first successful exporter in afyonkarahisar.Our company is placed on an area of 15.000 m2, 7500 m2 closed area, 7.500 m2 open area. It is recruiting 10 administrative staff and 105 productiion staff. Addition to all, a pre — investment of 3 million dollars was done for a factory to produce its own viol to satisfy its own requirements within the industrial zone of afyonkarahisar, now the construction is completed and the production has started.Our company is also trying to satisfy turkish domestic market's taste through national supermarket chains. Our vision is aimed as sustaining the success among foreign markets as an exporter and being the most chosen brand among the domestic market as well

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