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Here at Xpann, we want you to find new connections, grow profitable relationships, and make more money than you could ever dream of making. Sound like something you’d like to do? Then what are you reading this for?

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What Does Xpann Do?

The idea behind Xpann is simple. We want to bring buyers and sellers together to create lasting and profitable relationships. We want businesses to succeed. Through great new connections and a host of tools to help you, we will transform your business.

We understand that your business cannot reach its full potential without making new connections.

In the past, limited resources were available for sellers to find the right relationships. Smaller businesses, with great products and big potential, were starving through a simple lack of connections.

Seeing so many great startups fail is what spurred us into action to find a solution. We wanted to simplify the buying process; to make connecting buyers with sellers easy. So, with the idea to bridge the communication gap across Europe, Xpann was born.

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Why Create Xpann

Simple answer: We want to see business flourish in all countries on our little Eden amongst the stars. We founded Xpann on the idea that business relationships conquer all and we developed a passion to help ventures of all sizes, types, and shapes take massive leaps forward into unmatched prosperity.

We hold the belief that with the right connections, the small struggling business of today, can be a giant multinational corporation of tomorrow that rivals the very largest enterprises across the globe.

That is our goal for Xpann and it's sole reason to exist: To help you grow connections, to find your next great product, to sell your factory's wears to profitable long-term buyers, and ultimately, to turn your business into the success company.

We understand that it is these relationships that businesses live and unfortunately die on. So, we implore you to come join us at Xpann. Choose to find new relationships. Choose to unleash your potential. Choose to develop a business that, with the right connections, can conquer the world.

When, Who and Where?

Xpann was born in 2014 and has steadily grown from the seed of an idea into a fully-fledged company that, with the power of the internet, employs people from every corner of the planet.

Xpann hails from the Bosporus strait straddling Istanbul. Taking cues from this continent and culture spanning city, we bring people and places together in new and unexpected ways. Xpann may have its roots firmly planted in Turkey, but gaze out across fertile lands of Europe and you’ll see its branches spreading a canopy of connection and possibility across the globe.

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Xpann is the brainchild of Bayram Filikci. Danish born with Turkish descent, like the famously business savvy Ottomans of old, Bayram has a flair for creativity and business growth hacking. And along with Xpann’s team, we all count ourselves as passionate entrepreneurs who live for the sole purpose of finding solutions to your problems.

After gaining much experience in building businesses from scratch and nurturing them to fruition, the team set its sights on creating a gateway that could help fledgling companies establish new relationships that would propel them forward to unrivalled riches.

Xpann.com Workplace. We offer amazing workplace for our employees.

The ball is now yours.

Over the coming years, the way that business is done over the internet will change dramatically - and Xpann is the gamebreaker. Customers will expect options for where and how to buy: in-store or online, delivered or for pick-up. It’s an incredibly exciting time for this industry, and we’re going to be right at the centre of it.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up and create opportunities for your business.

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